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Dolphin Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, and Hardware by Peter Costello

by Peter Costello May 22, 2019

Dolphin Cabinet Knob and Hardware

Everyone enjoys seeing Dolphins. Always smiling and playing, swimming and leaping, chattering and whistling with their fellow porpoises.  They obviously love their ocean habitat. Swimming in herds for protection as well as social enjoyment.  Female dolphins birth calves every 2 to 3 years and nurse them for 18-24 months. Did you know that Dolphins can turn off one side of their brain to sleep/rest while the other side stays awake? Each side works independently so they can always keep one eye open for predators.

Peter Costello, marine life artist, has captured the essence of leaping, smiling dolphins in his cabinet knobs, pulls, and hardware.  His designs offer a variety of ways to enhance your beach bathroom or ocean themed home with these lovable creatures.  Peter has created left and right facing dolphin knobs in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  

Dolphin Cabinet Knobs, left and right facing

 Peter also designed Dolphin cabinet drawer pulls with double posts. Also available in left and right facing models.

Dolphin pull, left facing

All these Dolphin knobs and handles are available in 3 finishes to best accommodate your coastal style:  brushed nickel for a soft neutral finish; high polished chrome for a bright and contemporary flair; and dark bronze applied with durable powder coat technology. 

Sea life Cabinet Knobs offers a variety of dolphin bathroom and kitchen hardware to enhance your ocean themed home:  

Porpoise Towel Hook fabricated from sturdy 1/8” brushed aluminum strip, has a 1.5” diameter hook that allows quick and easy draping of a large bath towel, beach towel, or robe. 

Dolphin towel hook

Porpoise Towel Bar with custom widths from 10”-32” features left and right facing dolphins and will accommodate 1-2 towels.

Towel Bar Dolphin

Our most unique piece of hardware is the Dolphin Toilet Paper Hanger or Hand Towel Hanger made of solid 3/8” brushed aluminum bar, crowned with the large-sized leaping dolphin.

Toilet Paper Hanger Dolphin

For over 10 years our Dolphin Cabinet Pulls and Accessories have been among the most popular creations of our sea life collection.  All our products are made of solid lead-free pewter making them sturdy and long-lasting.  Each piece is cast with brass ferrules for lifetime durability. 

To discover even more ways to enhance your beach décor with Peter Costello’s Coastal Cabinet knobs and pulls visit

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