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Manatee cabinet knobs for coastal kitchen and bathroom decor

by Peter Costello Sep 27, 2019

Manatee cabinet knob collection

As one of the most beloved coastal mammals, Manatees are gentle giants that are commonly used for giving unique flair to coastal décor. These creatures were once endangered and in the 1970’s estimated to number in the hundreds. However, in 2017 their US federal classification was changed to “threatened” after their population grew to approximately 6000 in Florida waters. They are truly a success story of wildlife conservation.

Manatees are mostly found in Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, eastern Central America, and northeastern South America. They prefer warm water above 68 degrees Fahrenheit and during summer months can venture as far north as the mid-Atlantic and as far west as Texas.

Manatees generally grow as long as 9-12 feet and weigh on average up to 1300 pounds. Did you know that they sometimes can be found kissing each other when they meet?

Early recorded sightings of manatees are thought to go as far back as the days of Christopher Columbus arriving to America.

Manatees have the ability to survive in salt, fresh, and brackish water and find their food sources in shallow bodies of water like lagoons, rivers, and mangroves.

Sea Life Cabinets Knobs by marine life artist Peter Costello has created a series of coastal cabinet knobs modeled after the West Indian Manatee.

matching left and right manatee cabinet knobs

Available in medium and small sizes and cast of solid pewter with a brushed nickel finish these products are hand finished and premium quality cabinet hardware. The knobs come in a single post design with brass ferrules to ensure lifetime durability.

The medium size manatee is 2 3/8” long and 1.25” tall and sculpted in a very round 3-dimensional design. Available in a left and right facing models

304L-04 - square

medium manatee cabinet knob - right facing - installed on cabinet door

The small size manatee cabinet knob is 2” wide by 7/8” tall and also available in matching left and right facing knobs to ensure symmetry in design with kitchen and bathroom cabinets with 2 doors.

small manatee cabinet knobs - right facing - installed on cabinet door

small manatee cabinet knob - left facing - installed on cabinet door

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs exists to enhance the coastal décor in your kitchen and bathroom by capturing the beauty of coastal and beach creatures and is the largest collection of coastal cabinet knobs and pulls. We ship most order next business day and offer free shipping to US zip codes.

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