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Scallop shell cabinet knobs for coastal kitchen or bathroom decor

by Peter Costello Sep 12, 2019

Of all the seashells throughout the world, perhaps the most recognizable is the scallop. It may be the most commonly used seashell in coastal home accessories and beach décor.

Scallop cabinet knobs, all 3 sizes

A saltwater creature and found in all the world’s oceans, scallops are one of the largest living bivalves (which means they are composed of 2 shells that are “hinged” together like clams, oysters, or mussels). There are over 300 species and they can grow up to 6 inches across.

Did you know that Scallops can also swim? When touched by a predator they can propel away by rapid flexing their water intake valves together.

Scallops have over 100 eyes that line the edge of their shell up to the hinge. Although they cannot see shapes, they can observe passing objects through detection of changing light patterns and motion.

The scallop shell symbol dates back over 1000 years ago. It’s considered the traditional emblem of Saint James (the half- brother of Jesus) and has been used in many coats of arms found in England, Germany, and France.

Marine life artist Peter Costello’s coastal cabinet knobs and pulls has a diverse scallop shell collection of cabinet hardware and it is among our most popular creations.

Our scallop shell cabinet hardware designs come in several sizes and configurations.

Ideal for many uses are our single post small, medium, and large size scallop shell.

Pictured below is our small sized scallop 1.5 inches in diameter.

scallop cabinet knob small

Our medium scallop measuring 2 inches wide.

Scallop cabinet knob medium size 154-04

Our largest scallop shell knob is 3 inches across.

Large scallop knob

The scallop collection has a unique design inside a bezel and offer this in both a vertical and horizontal orientation.

Scallop bezel cabinet knob horizontal

scallop cabinet knob bezel - vertical

Need a double post pull or handle for your cabinet drawers or larger cabinet doors?

We offer scallop cabinet pulls in a vertical or horizontal and shell only or bezel design for your choosing as well.

scallop cabinet pull vertical handle

scallop cabinet pull bezel

Interested in another unique way to accessorize your beach décor aside from cabinet hardware?

We install our largest scallop shell design on a towel hook, toilet paper hanger (also functions as a hand towel hanger), a towel bar, and a drapery tie back.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs by Peter Costello is the largest collection of coastal cabinet knobs and pulls. We look forward helping you create a unique and memorable enhancement to your coastal themed kitchen or bathroom.

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