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Seahorse cabinet  knobs and pulls for coastal kitchens and bathrooms

by Peter Costello May 14, 2019

Seahorse cabinet knob, towel hook, toilet paper hanger, and towel bar

Here’s an amazing fact about Seahorses:  they are the only fish in the sea that have accomplished male pregnancy!  The male seahorse carries the fertilized eggs in his brood pouch for 2-4 weeks, contributing all the necessary nutrients for the embryos to develop and mature.  When the fry are ready to be born, father seahorse expels them with contractions, usually at night. Because of protected gestation in the father’s pouch, survival rate of infant seahorses is higher than other fish. Seahorses have extremely simple digestive systems and must eat constantly to stay alive.  Using the camouflage of seaweed or coral, Seahorses anchor themselves with their prehensile tails, (like monkeys), and using their long snouts with elastic energy they snatch floating small crustaceans.  Unlike other tropical fish, they swim upright on little coiled tails, steering themselves around the reefs with tiny pectoral fins.  Appropriately named, they look like miniature horses riding on unicycles through seaweed forests.

Such fascinating ocean creatures, with their whimsical and unique qualities, Seahorses are a perfect accent for ocean themed decorating!  Peter Costello, marine life artist, has created designer quality Seahorse Cabinet Knobs for your coastal décor.  His original Seahorse creation is a fun caricature that just makes you smile! 

Seahorse cabinet knob102R

His second Seahorse style, which is available in small, medium, and large sizes, is a flawless representation of the lovely and graceful Seahorse. The large Seahorse cabinet handle has double posts for larger cabinet doors.  Another distinctive feature of Peter Costello’s seahorse collection are “left” and “right” facing knobs to create hardware symmetry.  What a design faux pas it would be to have all your Seahorses facing the same direction on opposite doors!

Seahorse Cabinet Knob small medium and large sizes

Peter Costello’s Seahorse collection offers more than cabinet hardware; he has designed unique beach themed hardware accessories, including:

1) A Seahorse towel hook or robe hook, fabricated from sturdy 1/8” brushed aluminum bar, with a 1.5" diameter hook that allows quick and easy draping of your towel or robe near your shower, tub, or pool.

Seahorse towel hook

2) A Seahorse towel bar that can accommodate 1-2 bath towels and will embellish the coastal décor of your bathroom or kitchen with left and right facing Seahorses. It’s available in customer specified widths of 10 to 32 inches.

3) The finale’ and most unique piece of hardware is our Seahorse hand towel or toilet paper holder. This wall mounted design is adorned with a left or right facing Seahorse.

Seahorse toilet paper hanger

All products in the collection are designed by Peter Costello, and are made from solid, lead free pewter, making them sturdy and long-lasting.  Each cabinet knob is cast with a brass ferrule for lifetime durability.

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